Is Your Healthcare Organization GST Ready?

Harold K. Lively

GST – Goods and Services Tax – the economic game changer and India’s most significant tax reform came into effect at the stroke of 12 on July 1, 2017. Proclaimed as the “Good and Simple Tax”, GST comes with the promise of unifying the tax structure of the country. It […]

Top 10 Benefits of Developing a WordPress Website

Harold K. Lively

WordPress is a free CMS utilized to develop and manage websites. Its efficiency of application and unique blogging specialties have helped it to grow as the most widespread blogging tool on the web. WordPress Development Company in Delhi NCR provides a web-based user interface for creating, publishing, and modernizing websites. […]

What Colors To Choose For Your Website?

Harold K. Lively

Sometimes, just by seeing the colors of a website’s home page, you get a positive or negative idea in seconds: With too bland colors, you can feel the amateurism. With too flashy colors, you wonder if you can trust this site. Does the choice of colors act unconsciously on our […]

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