Tips for Improving eCommerce Sales

Harold K. Lively

Whether you’re just starting a new ecommerce business or you’ve been in running ecommerce business for several years, you can only get your business up and running by attracting new customers and getting more ecommerce sales.However, ecommerce business is highly competitive with your competitors just a click away.Hence, you constantly have to put everything in place to optimize your store and improve your ecommerce sales. To help you grow your ecommerce business, here are surefire tips to improve sales for your ecommerce business. The fact is, even a slight tweak using any of these tips can boost your ecommerce sales by about 50%! Keep reading. Use High-Quality Images of items This is undoubtedly the first tip to improving your Ecommerce sales. Even when a customer search for a item name, the item image is the main point of attraction to ensure that the right item has been searched for.Hence, product images are critical for ecommerce businesses. In fact, over 65% of consumers reported that the quality of images is very important to them when it comes to selecting a product and making a purchase.Remember, the product image is the only opportunity your customers have to see the product before purchase! Therefore, make sure that the product images are of high-quality and that you provide alternate views and variations so that your customers would have no questions. Write Catchy Product Title and Well-detailed Descriptions Although excellent and high-quality images can make your products more enticing to customers, catchy well-detailed product titles and descriptions entice customers further by providing them with as much information as possible about the thing, which include names, weight, color, sizes, materials, dimensions, instructions, fabric type, care instructions, and reviews.Aside from giving customers more information about your product, titles and descriptions also have some SEO implications on your ecommerce site – it is capable of placing your ecommerce site in front of prospective customers searching for related products and attracting them. Have a FAQs Page Finally, have a well-answered FAQ section. This will make it easy for your customers and prospects to find the necessary and important information about products on your website. A FAQ page can help in decreasing customer service requests and customer confusion.More so, customers are always looking for lots of information like shipping, return policy, discount, etc. you can also include all these in your FAQ page. And ensure that your FAQ page is easily accessible. Also, include a contact form or link for customers to contact you should in case they couldn’t find what they are looking for! Analyze competitor’s product data It’s very important to always benchmark against other ecommerce websites, especially the giant ecommerce websites in the industry to see how they use images, write titles and descriptions, and what they include on their FAQ page. Either collects their details manually or uses scraping technology which is automated and time saving way. For analysis purpose, large amount of product details are required so a very good way to achieve this is by scraping ecommerce websites. Ecommerce data scraping will help you to get useful insight into the tips listed above to improve your website and, in turn, improve ecommerce sales.

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