Optimize Front End for Faster Magento Store

Magento performance improvement regularly concentrates on server-side optimizations like choosing a good hosting company that values performance, configure cache, database optimization, etc. The most precisely enhanced back end won’t adjust for an ineffectively streamlined front end that leaves the customer waiting while various scripts and huge unoptimized images download. Let’s […]

Why Facebook is Growing as a Huge Marketing Tool

It unites an advertiser with its target gathering of people in the continuous which makes it simple to survey the temperament of the gathering of people and hence collect income. It is extraordinary yet about 25% of online income might be favorably created with a Facebook record. Further, regularly rehash […]

Why Hackers Attack on WordPress Sites Only?

WordPress is the popular and extensively used CMS platform for website development, since it is commonly used for dynamic website designing hence the get excessive attacks from the hackers too. Hackers attack WP sites most; it doesn’t mean that the platform is less secured and easy to be attacked but […]

What is Magento Dedicated Servers?

Magento is useful who wants to continue their services online. Magento provides much more power and resources than other hosting services such as VPS hosting or shared hosting. In a dedicated hosting environment, a single server dedicated to a single website, primarily located in a more secure data center or […]

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