A Concise Guide To Facebook New Features Every Marketer Should Know About

Harold K. Lively

Entire social media is rapidly changing, which has a huge impact on user interaction. Talking about one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, keeps on rolling out interesting features from time to time that keeps the audience engaged. Marketers must keep a check on these frequent updates since updates also bring unique opportunities for them. If we look back to past years, Facebook has undergone hundreds of upgrades. From the addition of a story feature to adding a separate section for ‘Dating’, this platform comes with a bunch of opportunities for those who manage to keep up with changes. Today, in this, we will look upon some new features that are currently ruling the roost among brands. Let’s get started. What’s New On Facebook Right Now? A regular Facebook user encounters no issues in knowing latest trends, feature add on, and shutdown of some particular component. Incase, you are willing to know more about this, then keep reading the list of new features further in this article. 1. Dark Mode Layout Following the footprints of other social media platforms and Android upgrades, Facebook also launched dark mode. It aims at saving battery and giving an entire black layout to your app. Enabling this mode is as easy as pie. You merely need to go to settings, search for the dark mode option, and activate it by tapping. For marketers, who tend to use Facebook continuously for hours, the dark mode works as the best means to save overall battery draining out issues, and a few other benefits. Altoghether, makes this a unique feature for Facebook. 2. Changes In Messenger Keeping in mind the ease of businesses and the overwhelming popularity of Facebook messenger marketing, Facebook decided to avail the use of messenger on desktop too, alongside the mobile application. Take time to explore more about it, and search for a desktop messenger for the IOS/Windows app store. Here, you should know the power of messenger marketing. Recent research claims that messenger marketing helps brands to close sales almost 20% more than feed ad posts and other options. 3. Life-like Appearance Via 3D images Marketers understand the value of photos and visuals in making effective promotion on social media. Due to this, the Facebook team aims at improving the quality of pictures, videos, stories, and other visuals to have a better impact on users. In this regard, it’s worth saying that static images are out of trend, and 3D images have dominated this space. Next time, when you think of creating posts for your campaign, don’t forget to give a try to 3-Dimensional images. The 3D feature is the best among the Facebook new features on Facebook. 4. CTA Buttons Adding CTA buttons to social media ads, posts, or even for newsletters is related to the goal of engaging more and more audiences. As a piece of good news, Facebook now allows users to customize desired CTAs and add it later on the post, page, or business profile. We have some ideas about using proper CTA:- For confirmation of appointment. Reservation. For redirecting visitors to the desired website. Encouraging people to download apps. Selling products 5. Changes In Live Videos Earlier, the ability to go live, via Facebook page was open for personal profiles only. But, now, the business profile can also broadcast live videos from pages. It eases up the entire proceedings of a brand, giving them an appealing option to connect with audiences. End Line In the end, we suggest users ask themselves a legit question- “How Am I using Facebook?”. Doing so, one can feel curious to know how others are leveraging new features. Ultimately, they become able to polish-up existing strategies and experience better gains.

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