How to Reopen a Closed Tab in Chrome?

Harold K. Lively

Browser is also a desktop application that needs to be downloaded and installed from the Internet. Looking at Internet Explorer (IE) which was traditionally used by Internet surfers. People who used to browse the Internet, they only knew Internet Explorer. Now, gone are those days. Nowadays, Internet Explorer is replaced by Google Chrome where more than 80% of Internet surfers use Chrome for browsing. It is known for its performance and a variety of features that Chrome offers. One of the best features is opening multiple tabs in one browser window. It makes it easier for the explorer to dig into content and browse a variety of sites for the same content. The explorer can evaluate the content and decide which one is useful for him/her. Sessions are nothing but the tabs of a browser window. Browsed website contents are stored in the local storage. So the next time you visit the same site, loading the content is faster. Now, there are times where you accidentally close your browser window with all the tabs open with content you are exploring. You are on the verge of noting down or capturing the content and the browser window is closed. Chrome has a way to resolve this problem too. Let us see how you restore these sessions to get back to the state where you have left. Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS, Windows) Mac OS: Start browser session. COMMAND+SHIFT+C is the key to restore. Yo! You are done. Windows: Start a new browser window. CTRL+SHIFT+T are the keys to press. Your tabs are restored. Chrome Address bar Start a Chrome browser. In the address bar: type chrome://restart. Press ENTER. You are done. You will see the tab reopened. Chrome Mobile App Open the Chrome App. A 3-vertical dot icon is available on the right side of the address bar. Tapping it shall open the menu bar. An option, Recent tabs is located under the 2nd section. The last option. The list of sessions shall be shown. Choose the session you want to reopen and continue exploring the content from where you left off. You are done! Chrome Web Browser – Startup Settings Chrome has tons of settings that the user can choose and set as per the desired preferences. Everything is customizable for you in Chrome. Start the browser session. A 3-dot vertical icon is placed at the right end of the address bar. Use that to open the right context menu. Choose the settings. The settings window shall be displayed. From the left side panel, choose the on start-up settings. You shall see the below. Continue where you left off is the option you have to choose. Re-open the browser. You are done! Your tabs are reopened from where you have left. Browser History All browsers have a history option or menu that will show all the pages URLs you have visited in the past. If you have kept the option to never save history, you might not get the tabs you are looking for. But, you can give it a try! Open the browser window. History menu on the top or pick History from the right context menu that shows up by pressing a 3-dot vertical icon. The Recently Closed tabs as a separate section shall be shown. Your Recently Closed history is available with you. Choose the tab(s) to reopen and continue your exploring stuff from there on. You are done. All of the above steps are alternative ways to get to where you had left your Internet surfing. Happy surfing and exploring stuff via Chrome Browser! Restoring tabs can come in extremely handy When too many tabs are open at the same time and you upon accident, click on the “X” button and poof the website has vanished. It is extremely difficult to not accidentally close an important tab when you have 20-30 tabs open at once. Incase too many tabs are open, it may cause your web browser to crash or shut the entire window.

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