Top 4 Data Visualization Platforms in 2021

Harold K. Lively

In today’s time when data is collected in real-time and every movement of the human as well as material capital is being tracked, it is important to leverage this data to gain actionable insights. If business owners want their organization to be data-driven, just having access to a huge amount of data is no longer enough. Stakeholders of the business need to leverage the power of a Data Analytics & Visualization Platform to identify patterns; unlock hidden insights and decode the different layers of the data! Gone are the days when data was presented in life-less spreadsheets, today, technology has enabled the analysts to present the data in meaningful and descriptive ways such as a pie chart, progress bar. Data Visualization software is thus equally important and plays a critical role in ensuring the business can successfully adopt a data-driven approach. If you are thinking of venturing into the vast world of data analytics, this blog is a good start to know top data analytics & visualization platforms and why they are better than any others in the market. A. Tableau Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization software that is used by enterprises, analysts, and stakeholders of the organizations who have a keen eye and enthusiasm for statistics and data analysis. Users can create meaningful charts and reports by importing data from different sources and one of the main reasons why users prefer it is because the data analytics tool can produce visualizations quickly! It is one of the most secure platforms with strict admin privileges and pre-defined access for different users and departments within the organization. B. ITLytics Developed by ITCube Solutions, ITLytics is the best cost-effective data visualization platform perfectly designed for small and medium enterprises that wish to leverage the info to enabled informed decision making. With an intuitive design, the dashboard is fully configurable and prioritizes the user’s need. The features make it one of the most preferred data analytics tool that can be used by anyone from a data analyst to the company’s senior management. ITLytics also offers the ability to create reports, charts, and data visualizations on-the-go and provides access to registered users via their web and mobile applications. With the value-adding features such as pre-designed visualizations and 3rd party integrations with ERP, SMS, and Email gateways, it is one of the better options of data analytics software available in the market today. C. Microsoft Power BI If you are looking at a comprehensive visualization software solution without any budgetary restrictions then Microsoft’s Power BI solution is the best thing you can buy! Developed by Microsoft’s terrific product development team, the software has top data visualization platform capabilities. One of the big reasons why it is a popular solution amongst enterprises is due to the fact that it can be seamlessly connected with the other Microsoft Office business products thanks to the powerful statistics source connection and a user-friendly design. No software is perfect and Power BI also has some flaws too. If you opt for the free version, the refresh cycle is limited. But, if your organization can afford the full paid version, then this solution will not disappoint you. D. Google Analytics If you are looking for a free analytics tool with a great reputation in the industry for the website and mobile analytics then Google Analytics is your answer! It is a feature-packed tool that is completely free and well suited for users that are new to the world of web analytics. Users can swiftly create charts and reports from the data that is automatically fetched by Google and present them to the stakeholders of the organization for informed decision making.

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