Why Do We Prefer A Convention Centre?

Harold K. Lively

This may be a question arising from the mind of a common man. What is the advantage that we will get from a banquet hall instead of a common shamiana for our function? If we are discussing this topic we have to consider the past and the present of the wedding trends. Previously everything was inside the four walls of a house. Whatever the function everything was celebrated with great enthusiasm and all were actively cooperated in arranging all the necessary needs for the function. Everything was preparing inside the compound of a house. Catering, Decoration , cooking and all such basic works are done by the neighbors and the villagers. But now the situations are changed all are busy with their daily works and the darkness of grudge and jealousy are covered their eyes. None of them are free to help others with their needs. So conducting a function alone or only by the family members is next to impossible. People started their search for finding a better place to hold everything in an ordered manner. A convention centre will act as an umbrella which holds everything under the shade of it. Every need for the function can be fulfilled by the convention centre. All the necessary arrangements like catering, stage, decoration, parking etc.will be arranged by staffs and the management of the organization. when you prefer a banquet hall or a convention centre half of your tension will be reduced. So why should we prefer a better place instead of having all the tension in your head? The convention centre will be a better choice right?Obviously, food is the prior part of any event. So there is a lot of food management that should be taken care of. When we are hosting a party in our hall what are the important things we should consider in the dining process?Preparation and planning for a wedding starts when we decide our life partner. There are several things to consider like buying jewellery, bridal and groom outfits, caterers, more over choosing a wedding venue or a banquet hall for the big day. Today, the banquet halls are not just limited to the single function, in fact, the banquet halls in these days are multi functional. The Udyan convention centre is a beautiful, eco-friendly and multi-use facility that has the space and technology you need to host a successful convention. Your guests and exhibitors will benefit from the expertise of our skilled staff, our professional service and our passion to make your convention an event to remember. At 9000 sq ft of contiguous space in two halls, with a 3600 sq ft lawn in between, Udyan is impressive and convenient, but our real success is in the planning and utilization of space. This makes Udyan different from other convention centres. Here, space is laid out in such a way that it can be put to maximum use and no corner is left unusable. Also, the lay-out is such that the available space can be used in many different ways. The entire space can be easily divided into sections, or used as a single stretch. Scalability and stretch ability are important features of Udyan. Be it a wedding, exhibition, trade fair or reception, the space yields maximum utility and flexibility. Our building does not impede or limit the maximum usage of space. Best seminar halls in Cochin.

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