5 Latest Mobile Technologies And How it Will be Lucrative?

Harold K. Lively

On 3 April 1973, Martin Cooper, who is the employee of Motorola, invented the first mobile phone. That time, mobile phones were used for long-distance communication purpose. users of mobile phones increase as well as the technologies & features of mobiles enhances. Innovative technologies and attractive features make mobile phones are smarter. Nowadays, mobile phones have become a part of life for a new generation as it is featured with game, msgs, internets, and camera. In 2002, gesture interface like features has shown in tom cruise film which things are far-fetched and fictional at that time but now it becomes a reality. 5 Latest Mobile Technologies In today’s modern market, cell phones become a digital world which does not only make the business easy but also make a user’s life simple. With many innovative mobile technologies, video call conferencing, downloading, transferring files and internet connectivity has come to reality. In present, many technologies of mobile are invented which makes the life of users easier. Let’s take a view of the 5 latest mobile technologies- Under Display Fingerprints- Security of data and other information is a very important concern in the smartphones, that’s why fingerprint technology is invented by Motorola company for its flagship smartphones. After that, under screen fingerprint scanner came in a market which gives advanced security of your mobile phone’s data. This technology is firstly invented by Synaptics and it is equipped with clear ID FS9500 chip and small CMOS device. It has the capability to read the reflection of a user’s finger, scan and work its magic by illuminating the user’s finger. Electrovibration Technology: Electrovibration technology stands for not only touchscreen but also for the feel of screens. With this advanced technology, users can feel various type of texture on the screen of phones by a feeling of it. Fantastic process based Electrovibration ensures rubbery, vibrating and sticky touch on screens which are useful for playing gaming. The Brain-Computer Interface: This futuristic technology” brain-computer interface” is fixed in smartphones. This technology is based on that, user’s thoughts convert in commands. Suppose you think something then your smartphones will detect the brainwaves that emitted with your thoughts with your thoughts and execute the set command. Users can control the smartphones with their mind with the aid of this amazing features. Wireless, Speedy Charging Becomes a Reality: In today’s modern market, where smartphones become very important for businessmen, students and people, its charging problems become a critical problem for all users. In Fact, they have to face many problems due to drained battery backup and in fact, they have to charge their phones every day. It will be expected that, in coming future, there will be a technology invented which helps users do not have to need a wireless cable . with this help you can charging your phones during walking and traveling and save your time interruption which generated during work. Flexible and Wearable Smartphones: New technology” Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) which not make your mobiles flexible but also wearable. With this advanced technology, mobile phones will be folded and unfolded. Also, you can watch the videos and play games on a large screen as well as can fold it into pocket sizes for easily put into the pockets. Benefits of The Latest Mobile Technology As, the latest technologies are invented for smartphones, as it is becoming more beneficial for both businessmen and normal users. There are many benefits of latest smartphone technologies that are point listed below- A new way for illiterate people to participate Small size; high versatility The ability to accept payments wirelessly Improved networking capabilities Helps you become more productive and efficient

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