IBM Reveals 5 New Technology Innovation That will Good Impact All of Us

Harold K. Lively

As we know, in today’s digital market, technologies have become life’s important part for the people. In fact, it will be expected that coming 25 years, without technology people can not expects their lives. Every year IBM innovate new technologies which come with more improvements in the human’s lives. On 19 Mar 2018, IBM affiliated many top conferences into one for IBM Think in Las Vegas. The main aim of this conference is to “make the world of business work smarter.” and also, it was shown that 40, 000 tech aficionados attended this conference. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, and IoT are the important topics of this conference. In this conference, IBM Think revealed that they innovate big 5 technology which will good impact on our lives. Also, IBM Think predicted, ” their technologies will prove more useful and helpful in coming 5 years.” these five technologies will be blockchain, crypto anchors, quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography and neuromorphic computing. How will 5 Technology Impact Our Lives? IBM Think declared about our 5 big technology innovation and also, said that these techniques will impact our lives and will change our lives in the coming 5 years. But one question is raising how these technologies will change our lives. In this article, you will know how 5 technologies will change our lives in the coming 5 years. Let’s take a glance at this 5 technology innovation- 1 Crypto Anchors and Blockchain: In today’s dynamic world, counterfeit goods are the big problems especially for small and cheap medical devices, In a survey, world health organization has estimated that 8% medical devices are fake for the testing of malaria, aids, and pregnancy. According to a local research,” it has been proven that every year fraud costs global currency more than $600 billion” that’s why it has become a big problem of worldwide. To tackle this huge problem, IBM merges both crypto anchors and blockchain technologies. Crypto anchors are the best technology who is helpful in stopping the counterfeit by making things complicated for counterfeiters. Also, IBM developed the tamper-proof digital fingerprints which are added in the product and linked with blockchain for proofing the authority. 2 Quantum Counting- Nowadays, quantum counting is only a playground for researchers. But coming five years, it will mainstream for researchers because it will prove the best platform for developers and professionals to solve the problems. According to IBM, quantum counting will become a necessity for the science and engineering program. Apart from this, mostly university will have this technology to tell their student how can run real and can practice experiments on the quantum counting with the aid of cloud. 3 Post-Quantum Cryptography- whereas one side hacking is best for the world, on another side, it has also a bad face. IBM declared that security will be more powerful & strong, five years from now. IBM delivered the best security method which is built on lattice cryptography. This technology hides the data inside the lattices which is called complex algebraic structure. As a fully homomorphic encryption based, lattice cryptography prevents the system to be hacked, because it makes possible that without seeing sensitive data everyone can perform the calculations on a file. 4 AI Bais- AI is the development and theory of computer system. IBM researchers will develop an artificial intelligence computer system which will explode in next coming 5 years. IBM researchers are trying to know how to ensure that AI is not affected by human bias. 5 AI Microscopes- In today’s dynamic world, oceans have become dirtier. To save them, IBM researchers develop AI-powered robot microscopes. AI microscopes are perfect for monitoring the plankton and understanding behavior of plankton. Also, microscopes can be used to predict the threats to our water supply.

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