NASA Will Launch Latest Laser Space Tool For Tracking Earth’s Melting Ice

Harold K. Lively

As industries are increasing in the world, environment is becoming more polluted. Global warming and increment in earth’s temperature are the main reason of melting the polar ice caps. According to the study of satellites, it has shown that as ice caps are melting everyday the level of sea also are raising at an accelerating rate. Most of the countries are situated at the bank of sea, seeing the rising level of sea, world’s scientists are afraid that in future these countries can flow in the flood. So, NASA is thinking to launch the ICESat-2 for tracking the melting ice of earth. After three years of studying, NASA is preparing the advanced laser space tool for tracking the melting ice of earth. NASA will be launching an innovative & laser-armed satellite named ICESat-2 that stands for The Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 on 12 September. It is capable of measuring the changes in ice height & tracking the earth’s melting ice. ICESat-2 can determine the changes in the ice height of land Greenland and Antarctica. NASA said a statement,” “It has the capability to capture 60,000 measurements every second”. A NASA scientist who is studying the world’ ice Tom Wagner gives a statement during a news conference yesterday,” “The areas that we’re talking about are vast – think the size of the continental U.S. or larger – and the changes that are occurring over them can be very small”. The cost of ICESat-2 is a little over $1 billion and NASA also will follow two major projects for monitoring the thickness of ice. According to other NASA scientists,” “Being a perfect innovator, the ICESat-2 project is capable of capturing the clear picture and data of earth and seas from a 500 km height. NASA recently developed the ATLAS( advanced topographic laser altimeter system ) which is ideal for removing the green laser radicals. In 2003, the original ICESat has developed the laser space tools after the seven years of studying. Michael Freilich, from Nasa’s Science Mission Directorate in the US, said,” “ICESat is the best endorsement according to Nasa’s first Earth science decadal survey- will enhance our knowledge that how ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contribute to sea level rise”. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will launch an advanced laser satellite that called Atlas on 12 September which is capable of measuring the change in ice height. It can send hundreds of photons to the ground in green light’s six beams by firing 10,000 times each second. Tom Neuman who is the scientist of NASA’s ICESat-2 deputy project said during the news conference,” ” The Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 is the advanced tool which is innovated for the research of both land ice and sea ice. According to the ICESat-2 project scientist- Thorsten Markus,” “This revolutionary laser satellite will yield new insight into the polar regions as well as will unexpected assesting across the globe due to its unprecedented accuracy measuring capability with global coverage.” Apart from this, ICESat-2 will determine the ocean height and land surface.

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