How to Tell if Single-page Websites Are Good For Your Business or Not

Harold K. Lively

A single-page website, as the name implies, is the one that fits on a single web page. For a few years, these websites have been widely used by the world’s leading brands to provide Internet users with a fast, clean and simple experience that is both effective and attractive. Effective, visually appealing and easy to navigate on mobile devices, single page websites are challenging the norm and giving web design and development agencies a new option to structure content and help their websites stand out from the rest. Is it convenient for your project? Before creating a single-page website, you must make sure whether it is the best option for your business or not. In this article, you will find some tips on how to decide if this type of website is the right choice for you. These sites are not for all businesses. Whether a single-page website is suitable for your company depends largely on the amount of content you have in mind. Is it too much for one page? If so, then you may want to consider a conventional design. Beyond the volume of content, there are several aspects to analyse before deciding on a single page website. Advantage: Simplicity Mobile-friendly Easy to maintain Disadvantages: They are not scalable (the website will always have a single page) Search engine optimization (the on-page SEO is not as effective) Analytical reports (there is no way to find out why the user leaves the site) When to choose this technology A single web page site is an excellent option if you don’t have extensive content, for example: A small business that only sells a few products Single product e-commerce site Personal Portfolios Independent page or curriculum vitae Campaign-specific landing page One-time events (such as conferences and weddings) When not to use this technology A single-page website will not prove to be the best option for your business if you have complex, and extensive content. As colloquially said, fashion is not for everyone, and there are many cases in which it is not convenient to use this technology. Imagine if the Daily Telegraph was a single-page website and all of its articles were arranged one after another. This would not only have made the website look unattractive but also made it very difficult to navigate. Therefore, if you have a lot of content such as articles and news or are selling multiple products, you are going to require something different from a single page website. However, that does not mean that this particular design principle cannot be applied to some individual pages of your business website. Designing the Website Suppose you have decided to get yourself a single-page website to serve the online marketing needs of your business. Now what? The very first step of designing a single-page website is to choose a template. As it takes some skill and a lot of knowledge to decide which template will be most appropriate for our project, it is suggested that you get in contact with a reputable web design agency that specialises in developing such websites. Tips for designing an attractive website: It must be simple Establish a logical design Reinforce your story with multimedia content Create an easy-to-use navigation Calls to action are keys to success Web design agency Nottingham takes pride in developing innovative, responsive websites for its respective clients. The company also offers bespoke content management systems and e-commerce solutions with an aim of incorporating real business insights and acumen.

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