Must-have Powerful Tools For Every WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most resourceful, content management systems that are open source and also provides extreme flexibility. A global phenomenon, this community has shown considerable growth and is expanding every year. Its sheer size, scope, impact and scalability have taken over the Internet, proving beneficial for one and all. WordPress gives the developers to exercise their freedom and put in customisation ideas like no other platform. It is perfect for use even for non-tech savvy people, an ideal solution provided by the WordPress developer in Australia. Packed with a variety of themes and plugins, these advanced features upgrade the websites to make it appear more appealing and manageable. While there are a number of tools available which enable the developers to design distinctive and customised sites, the tools at the disposal of the WordPress developers are usually very beneficial. One can choose them from among the arsenal of web development. Regenerate Thumbnails A powerful tool, this allows the developer to generate and build their own default thumbnail image for the website. This is done when the dimension of the default image on the site needs to be changed. So, instead of doing it manually, one can achieve this with the click of a single button. Matching the image dimension with the theme becomes easy. Resetting all dimensions effortlessly is how this tool comes to the rescue of the developers. Sometimes one feels the requirement to reset the WordPress theme to default. With the single button click, every file and image gets deleted, content, posts get erased and the site goes back to how it was when newly installed. ThriveLeads Another popularly preferred WordPress tool or plugin, it is extremely useful for email marketing, an opt-in kind of, list building plugin for the developers. The steps for setting this up is simple and also saves a lot of precious time for the developers. One can simply design and deploy all the forms that are opt-in. One can also create highly targeted, relevant forms which are loaded with advanced features. One can also generate custom reports and without going over a single coding need. Theme Check A free utility tool or plugin, using this the developer can ensure one enjoys the right theme for their website with minimal errors. One has to meet the WordPress theme standards of acceptance. This way, one can utilise an error-free and bug-free website. The theme check will function automatically so that the developer can ensure whether the site meets all pre-requisites of the WordPress standards. One has to install and activate the plugin for theme check-in, navigate it according to the right settings, select the preferred theme from the dropdown and then re-check it. Developer for Optimisation As a developer, this plugin should be primary to utilise. With this, the developer can automate and optimise the environment by offering varied options during the website building procedure. Usually, after installation, one is asked to choose from three options- Plugin for a self-hosting of WordPress installation Theme for the self-hosting of WordPress installation Theme for the VIP site of One can choose from these suggestions based on the project suitability. This saves a lot of time since the plugin gets updated automatically. This plugin is also the best for optimising the development environment and likewise in WordPress development companies.

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