Web Designing-How to Design Websites

Harold K. Lively

Web Designing way to design a web sites and display on the Internet. Web sites is collection of web pages, videos, images, videos, url etc. It is focus on designing websites for desktop browser, design for mobile and tablet browser. It’s used to only designs a websites not for software designing. Two methods most commonly used designing a websites it works both desktop and mobile it is responsive and design. In responsive design , content are moves dynamically according to any screen like mobile phone, tablet on the other hand any desktop screen etc. In adaptive design, the websites content is fixed according to layout sizes that match common screen size. But web designer always try to design a websites in this ways customer can easily understand all content on websites. Following steps are required before to design a websites: Firstly you focus on what is the goal on your websites as well as it’s full fill client’s needs. We known websites goals then we can define the scope of the project like what web pages and which features the site required to fulfill the goal. After defining how content and features we defined in scope definition will interrelate. How to design responsive websites which tool and features are used. Always try Maintaining Consistency in your websites means structure layouts, fonts size , images should be basically the same throughout your site to maintain consistency. In your sites always show responsive images because images are not responsive the customer are not like. Define visual Elements it’s depending on the client requirements. Visual content is known increase clicks, engagement, and revenue. All details gets regarding websites and fulfill customer requirement. So it’s time to make sure it all works. All works are done now it’s time for every favorites steps of the website design process. If you and your client’s are satisfied then it’s time to launch your websites. Any websites design focus on frontend and backend both. What is Front End Designing? Front End Designing also know Client Side Developer. A front end developer focus on how to implement any designing with the help of any coding or language. It’s developer are responsible for the look, design and presentation of the sites. There are many languages are used in front end designing like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, bootstrap for a websites so that a user can see on the other hand with them directly. The front End Designing run from any user local server. In this part developer are always focus on web page designing or user can easily understand all the content. What is Back End Designing? The Backend also known as CMS (Content Management System) it is mainly focus on three parts: A server , an application or database. It is also know server side that are based on how the sites works, save all data ,changes and updates any details according clients requirement with the help of some language like PHP, Java ,Ruby, Python, .Net etc. Backend Developer are focus on database, scripting and the architecture of websites. Advantages of Web Designing: Fluid grids there are many grids are provide to design a websites. It’s divided into Twelve parts and all parts are divided according to the any screen. It’s improve user experience to develop more websites. With the help of media query and more features to easily develop responsive websites. Responsive Websites can help to improve backlinks. We can publish own websites on internet and user can see any time any where with the help of internet or any digital device.

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