Why Responsiveness is The Core of Web Design

Harold K. Lively

Web Design is a very essential step to make a Site healthy. If your UI design is as per your audience then it will directly help you out to make a conversion of them. Your Site’s Design Demonstrates your Online Presence, So the customer will get an idea that your Business is Well Classed. Responsiveness is the key factor of the Web Design part as it indicates UX of your traffic. There are Some positive effects of Responsiveness on your site which are as follows. Multi-Device View The Responsiveness helps your Site to adapt the display of the User’s Device. It makes Websites flexible according to the Screens varying from Mobiles, Tablets to PCs. Images used by Web Pages set their Size accordingly if properly coded by the Developer. This helps users to see your site on various devices whether its pc, phone, or tablet. More Mobile Traffic According to a Study, More people search for local businesses on Mobile only, therefore it’s important to have your mobile-friendly website. If your site will allow users to do operations on Mobile then Ultimately you will get more mobile traffic. This step allows more Versatility of Business at a lower cost. and more traffic instantly generates more revenue on your site. Get an Organic Google position Google also provides Website ranking by examining some parameters. Mobile friendly is also a label examined by Google to see whether the Site is Responsive or not. If our Site is fully responsive then Google will find us relevant to the audience and we will get an Organic Google Position. Duplicate content Don’t worry, Panda won’t hit a mobile website with the same content as its main website. But on two sites on the web, you will still have the same content, which is annoying to you and may lead visitors to the wrong version of your site. A responsively-designed website means that content is only in one place on the Internet. Improved SEO process If Web Design is Mobile friendly then Search Engine Optimization will see it as quality content. Backlinks and On-page are Good for SEO but Responsiveness also benefits indirectly. if you are doing SEO It’s your responsibility to make loading the site as quickly as possible to help you rank your site up. Websites that are more open to mobile phones usually load faster than those that are not. This would result in more favorable user experience, and potentially, a ranking boost. Lower Website Maintenance A business holding Separate Websites for Mobile oblige extra maintenance cost. Whereas the Responsive feature also solves your Budget problem by demanding low maintenance costs. Link building A link to your main site is also a link to your mobile app, with responsive web design. Web sites are also fresh and the web search competition will have even fewer backlinks. A responsively built website, though vying for mobile users, will have the backlinks to your original site. This will give you an instant advantage over there. However, as mobile use grows, however webmasters start connecting to mobile pages, the backlinks from both mobile and desktop pages combine to create a stronger backlink profile.

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