Digital Transformation in Hotels a Game-changer Post COVID-19

Harold K. Lively

Witness the current scenario, digital transformation is the most reliable and worthy way to increase customer engagement and drive industry growth. And sector like hotel aims to retain more and more customers by providing best-improved solutions. COVID-19 Pandemic has turned all the major things upside down and one of the most affected sectors in the hotel industry. However, taking your business online and consulting the top mobile app companies in Bangalore can help to overcome this severe impact. Travel is resuming and but the fight with this pandemic is still on. The government of India has issued some guidelines; they suggested reducing direct contact by using new technological methods which could be availed with the expertise of the best Mobile app development Company in Bangalore. Direct technologies have helped many hotel owners in the past and they eventually offer unique experiences to its customers. While many hotels use technologies to welcome the guests and there are several who are still planning to implement the technology in their day to day operations. This blog of B2C Info Solutions a leading Mobile application development company in Bangalore some of the technologies that may help to take you your business back on track. So read the article till the last Internet of Things (IoT)- The forecast of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach 21.5 billion by the next five years. This technology can help hotel owners in many ways like 1. Self Check-in- Letting visitors self-check-in can give a good impression as it reduces wait time and gives independence to them. With the use of a mobile app, the guests can get immediate use of their booked rooms. Mobile can enable them to have access to all the important information and allow them to update their requirements. 2. Digital Key Card- Keyless digital cards can facilitate a seamless stay experience. Offering digital cards to the customers is one of the smartest and ecofriendly to greet customers as it helps to save money, time, and ensuring security. 3. Personalized Rooms- IoT enables guests to manage their room as per their convenience. Lighting preferences, thermostat settings everything can provide good control to guests. Your Mobile phone can act as a remote and this will provide you great comfort experience. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) A few years ago Pokemon Go went viral every industry tries to leverage the power this technology to increase customer reach and engagement You can make your travel and staying experience more seamless using these technologies. 1. Virtual Reality (VR) – It is the best discovery that allows visitors to take a tour of the entire property without leaving their house. With the technological advancements are now outdated. Therefore, sharing a complete tour of hotel rooms will help in retaining the loyalty of customers and give them transparency in their rates. 2. Augmented Reality (AR)- AR can further make guests and things alive. With the use of a smartphone a user can know his exact location, explore historical places, nearby restaurants, view hotel services, and many other things that are beyond our imagination. Hotels can also use this advance feature by adding an interactive map that provides guests with more useful information. User-friendly apps User-friendly mobile apps are the most convenient way to communicate seamlessly with your guests. It offers a wide range of opportunities to improve the customer experience. 1. Booking- It is the quickest way for guests to book hotels and suitable rooms with just a tap on the mobile app. 2. Communication- With the use of mobile app guests can easily communicate with staff members and can get updates on any information required. Apps can be used to send in-app notifications and encourage guests to avail of hotel services. 3. Staff Productivity- Hotel staff can get more organized by managing their tasks through a mobile app. Managers can stay informed about the staff capacity and working of the day to day working of the staff. Conclusion Digital Transformation is here and many hotels are already using it. As per the experts if the hotels don’t use these technologies then there is a chance their services might get outdated. These can help in many ways like saving time, money. Gaining customer loyalty etc.

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