Your Complete Guide to ReactJS

Harold K. Lively

The programming world has thousands of programming languages starting from A to Z. Every day we wake up, there’s a new language added to the library. In fact, the top IT companies now have started coming up with their own programming languages solving one or the other issue and they promote them a lot as well. Over the past few years, ReactJS has been growing drastically and is rising to fame among the developer circles. All thanks to Facebook for promoting it correctly. We can say that 1 out of every 10 software developers turns into a ReactJS developer. Facebook engineer, Jordan Walke, developed ReactJS and introduced it first with Facebook Newsfeed, and later they introduced it on Instagram. As we witness today, both of them are successful products having millions even billions of users monthly. But what is it actually? What are the unique features of this language? Let’s explore more. What is ReactJS? It is an open-source JavaScript library useful for building user interfaces. It handles the view layer of web and mobile applications and allows developers to easily create reusable UI components. Developers can create large reusable web application components using ReactJS. The advantage of using it is you can change the data on the web page without reloading the page. Also, ReactJS is fast, scalable, and simple to use. Additionally, you can combine it with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks like AngularJS. With the daily growing craze and number of programming languages, there are few things that help ReactJs stand out of the crowd. Let’s understand some of the unique features of ReactJS: JSX JSX is an extension JavaScript which is one of the features of ReactJS. It helps in creating ReactJS elements efficiently and also includes both logic and markup saving a lot of time. It is faster than JavaScript and allows the writing of logic and markup in the same file. Moreover, it makes creating templates easier. Data Flow In React, the set of immutable values passes the components and renders them as properties in HTML tags. The component can directly modify properties and can also pass a callback function with the help of which we can modify. The complete process is known as properties flow down or actions flow up. Document Object Module ReactJs creates an in-memory data structure cache which handles the changes made by the developer and updates the browser. It allows them to code the whole page and render each component. On the other hand, react libraries have components that can be changed in real-time. Now, comes the main question. Why should you use ReactJs for your projects? With the ever-changing frameworks in the frontend world, it becomes very difficult to learn all of them and have a grip over it. So, let’s understand the reasons why ReactJs is ahead of other programming languages and is today loved by thousands of companies and developers for their frontend development. Easy to learn: Any person who has a basic knowledge of programming can quickly learn ReactJs. All it requires you to learn is the basics of HTML and CSS. Even if you have just started with the programming and are exploring languages then also you can easily learn it. Reusability of Code: With ReactJs, reusing code becomes easier. You just need to write the code once and you can reuse it in iOS, Android, and web development. This makes tasks easy for you and coding becomes more efficient. Data Binding: ReactJS uses unidirectional data flow binding. The benefit of one way data binding is it gives you better control over your application. If the data flow is bidirectional then it requires additional features as components become immutable and data within them does not change. To keep the data unidirectional, it uses Flux. It makes applications flexible and increases their efficiency. Performance: Currently, no other programming language can beat ReactJs in performance. Its features including simplicity, easy to learn, mutable components, etc. make it better compared to other frameworks. The main reason behind its performance is that it uses virtual DOM. It is a cross-platform and programming API which uses HTML, XML, or XHTML. The DOM is in-memory so when we create a component it does not write directly in DOM. But, we write it in virtual components and this turns into DOM leading to smoother and faster performance. Final Words: ReactJS is useful and loved by many people in the programming circles because of its robustness, easy to learn, simplicity, and many other features. There are many React Js development companies that are growing at a rapid speed by providing ReactJS services and currently, even developers are in high demand. The recent version of it is 16.13.0 with better bug fixes and better warning features.

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