Cloud Hosting India – The Vital Instrument In The Economic Growth

Harold K. Lively

Overview Cloud Hosting in India is the ultimate need of the hour, in this country. It has gained its prominence in India, with the fast growth in economical and commercial sectors, in this country. Commerce and business have taken a new turn in India. Most of the businesses, may the businesses be from small, medium or large sectors, are now functionally online. The entire business operations of a business organisation, right from marketing to sales and to customer care, are online operations. The businesses from different industries, in India, are having their business web sites hosted on Cloud. The importance has grown in leaps and bounds in India, with the launching and rapid expansion of E Commerce business, in this country. Cloud computing technology has proved to be immensely helpful in handling the super heavy traffic of web site visitors, to the business web sites, of these E Commerce organisations, especially at the time of peak business hours. Cloud computing have proved itself supremely valuable in providing the most efficient web hosting services to the business organisations from all industries, that too in a most cost-effective manner. Advantages of Cloud Hosting in India Cloud Hosting has become a very popular terminology in India. Cloud computing provides the benefits of using any device, such as, a desktop or a laptop computer, a tablet or a smartphone, to store and access any information, via the internet service. Cloud computing and hosting has proved to very helpful in growth and expansions of Small and Medium Sector Enterprises in India. Large businesses, including E Commerce business organisations have adopted Cloud computing technology, as their first choice, in availing services. Cloud hosting provides the most flexible and scalable service to its customers. The users can increase or decrease the bandwidth as per their business requirements and at the time of their business needs. Hosting provides Cloud computing technology where the users need not spend any money on hardware, software or pay any fees for licensing formalities. This way, they provides a huge financial relief to all its users. They provides superior number of applications and software. The customers in India can use and make their businesses grow without having to spend any money on licensing formalities of software or programs. They also allows and arranges for immediate installation of the applications, as needed by the customers. Cloud computing provides its customers a world-wide access to her/his business files. This can be done irrespective of the geographical location of the customer. The client can access her/his business files, anywhere in this world with the help of a simple internet connectivity. Cloud hosting is the most cost-effective hosting service available in this country. It offers a “Pay per Use” plans to its customers. Customers can monitor their hosting expenses themselves very effectively. There is no compulsory payment plans for customers. They can pay weekly, monthly or yearly, as per their business requirements. Cloud hosting offers automated updates without any involvements of costs. The Cloud service providers, such as, Go4Hosting, offer best of Cloud hosting services with automatic updates, at no extra cost. Cloud hosting is an Eco-friendly hosting service. Hosting is an Environment friendly hosting service, as it reduces consumption of energy, and thereby, drastically reduces emission of Carbon. Cloud Hosting is an easily manageable hosting service. The extra expenses in hiring technical hands for managing the software is avoided with Cloud hosting. Go4Hosting provides self-management portals to its customers for their adding or removing computing resources. Cloud Hosting provides maintained programs and deals with any problem, off site. Go4hosting, the leading most Cloud hosting service provider in India, provides the most satisfactory Cloud hosting service to its clients, at a very reasonable price.

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