New Nura Headphones World’s First Headphones That Optimize Sound to Your Ears

Harold K. Lively

Introduction to New NURA headphones: The advancement in journey of music starts here with the design and development of these special headphones named Nura. An enormous amount of energy is consumed into making of music for people they could love and hear. New Nura headphones plays an important role when it comes to music and preserves all of that data which turns out to be perfect for you. New Nura headphones are the world’s first automatic headphones that learn automatically how a person hears. It adapts itself according to the person to provide them the perfect sound. As we all hear differently, new Nura automatic headphones learns and delivers to you what you really need to hear at that very moment. What New Nura Headphones Looks Like: As mentioned earlier,Nura are the headphones designed for people to custom their frequency, the structure is also build by keeping in view the ease and comfort of users when they would put on the world’s first automatic headphones. From the outside it looks like a standard simple headphones however if you try looking on the inside, you would notice a pair of ear buds jutting out from each cup. This may seem a little weird having an inside and outside headphone. But the purpose of the ear buds on the inside is to hear the frequency of your ear through a microphone attached on the inside the ear buds. New Nura Headphones Specifications and Working: Nura optimizes the perfect sound to your ears by learning about you. It even recognizes you when you put on the headphones. It takes only 30 seconds for Nura to tune to your very own hearing profile. It also makes sure to keep the balance of the volume optimal so that it doesn’t damage people’s ears. The inner buds present on the inside of the cups send sound waves to the ear. These sound waves travel from the Ear Pinna (outer ear) to the ear canal(middle ear) and reach to the three small bones named hammer, anvil and stirrup which produce vibrations sent to the cochlea. A cochlea sends these vibrations to the auditory nerve and these vibrations are carried by the auditory nerve to your brain and in return a response is generated. This response travels back to your ear and is collected by the inside ear buds of the world’s first automatic headphones. This is how New Nura headphones learns about you and the shape and condition of your ears. It then adjusts the best sound suitable for your ears which come out from the headphones. Nura comes with an application for you. On the screen of your smartphone it demands you to select the new user. Moreover, Nura would also remind you whether you have your headphones correctly placed upon your ears or not? It would make you hear a number of tones and on which basis it will collect the data about you and make a profile for you on the app. Nura remembers you. The profile created is not only stored on the application rather it is also stored in the headphones too. You are not restricted to use the same media player each time. Moreover, there is an additional button which allows you to change your profile and make a new one for your friend as well. Nura would remember both. This is how you hear the sounds suitable for you through Nura headphones.

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